About Us

Founded in 2008

Rig Noobies is a group composed of computer enthusiasts united by their common interest towards PC’s; from the latest hardware, software, parts and modding.

Although the group is also known for its passion towards gaming, photography, cars and other hobbies too numerous to mention, the Rig Noobies will always be known for their camaraderie.

It is the family-like atmosphere shared by these group of individuals that really make them stand out; through thick and thin, come rain or shine, till death do they part.


RN is organized exclusively for camaraderie, scientific and educational purposes. It may also act as a charitable institution when deemed necessary, e.g. soliciting among its members, monetary or in-kind, in times of natural or man made calamities.

RN is organized to provide a venue to inform its members of the latest and most advanced hardware and software components, provide solutions to computer related problems as well as sharing of ideas on how to achieve maximum performance of the owner’s machines.

and World Peace

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