In this era of determined overclockers, skilled gamers, and extreme hardware enthusiasts, MSI finds a need to gather together the extraordinary men and women who stand head and shoulders above the bandwagon; the talented few who love nothing better than to dive head-long into hardware optimization, shatter top overclocking records, and stay on top of the hardware heap, setting the enthusiast standard for everyone else.

If you think you belong to the top of the heap in the world of rig-builders and overclockers, then we want YOU!

MSI is looking for 10 TOP techies to become members of the MSI Assault Division and join the ranks of local hardware legends! Prove your hardware prowess and be part of this elite club of power users by sending us a review of your current system’s motherboard. MSI and non-MSI users are welcome as long as you think you are a certified techie! Don’t forget to include at least three benchmarks of your choice that will best show the performance of your rig, as well as a pic of your set-up!

What to do?
Participants should submit a short and recent write-up of their current MOBO OR video card, preferably P55 / P67; X58 / X79; Z68 Series Intel, 800 / 900 Series AMD Motherboard, R5000 to 7000 Series, N500 to N600 Series Videocard.

Don’t forget to include your details!
- Full Name
- Contact info (mobile and landline)
- Instant Messenger ID
- E-mail address
- FB account name
- Forum handle

Deadline of submission of entries: 31 March 2012, 11:59PM

Standouts will receive exclusive invites to be part of the MSI Assault Division. The newly-created group’s first meeting of the year is happening on April 14, 2012.

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